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JA Lane Properties

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How it all goes down



Whether you are a first time home buyer, a real estate extraordinaire, an investor, or maybe you are selling an estate; we first need to know what you are wanting to achieve with your sale. Let's pretend it's 1992 and have a conversation!

The How


Where do we start? If you have repairs, we will assist you or put you in contact with some of the best contractors.  If you need help decluttering or staging, we have the perfect eye to make it fabulous. 

What's Next?


Where are you headed? Do you wish to own another home? (See Buyer's Link) Do you want to travel? Do you want to invest? 



Timing is everything.  Let us help you find the perfect moment to list your home for it's maximum potential, given your particular scenario.  

Share the Big News


We have a large social media network. Follow us to help share your listing.  JA Lane will mail postcards to your surrounding ares as well as network to find you buyers as quick as possible. 



After your contract period and all repairs have been completed (if applicable), with a qualified buyer, we get to celebrate! We hear the gifts are awesome!